Snow Fishbone Nappy Wallet
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Snow Fishbone Nappy Wallet

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Our Snow Fishbone nappy wallets fold out to become a padded waterproof change mat and can store everything you need for a nappy change on the run. Depending on the size of nappy and if you carry wipes inside the wallet or not, you can fit between 3-5 nappies. The nappy wallet folds up to a compact size which easily fits into most handbags. 

Outer Fabric: 100% linen. Hand screen printed. They are very durable for changing on most surfaces.

Inner Fabrics: Lightweight batting in between the layers is used for extra comfort for your baby while the inner fabric is a waterproof polyester chosen for durability and protection when accidents occur whilst still being soft and comfortable to lie on.

Dimensions: 25cm x 16cm x 5cm
Dimensions Open: H60cm x W72cm 
Dimension of Pockets: H15cm x W22cm