Lisa - founder of Littlins

Hi! I'm Lisa.

I'm the founder, seamstress, designer, marketer, purchasing officer, packager and shipping lady at Littlins. 

I'm a Melbourne mum and I created this business after my experience having my three little ones (littlins).

After my first son was born a friend gave me a gift that would start me on the journey that led to the creation of Littlins. The gift was a nappy wallet, and whilst it had a few little flaws, it turned out to be the most useful of all the gifts that I received as a new mum.

Less than two years later my second son arrived and the shortcomings of the original nappy wallet became increasingly evident. With two children in nappies, I was forced to re-evaluate my daily processes to try to make things a little quicker, easier and simpler. I quickly realised that there was no need to carry all the unnecessary ‘stuff’ I had dragged around in a giant baby bag with baby number one and I was also desperate to return to a ‘non baby bag’ without gaudy baby prints.

After looking around for a solution I decided that the only way to get what I wanted was to design and make a nappy wallet specific to my needs, and so Littlins was born.

Over the next six years I have spent my spare time sewing up nappy wallets in contemporary styles with a much more practical and functional design that I have continually evolved through years of trial, error and feedback from everyone who owned one.

I really hope people who use our nappy wallets can feel the thought, care and love that has gone into them. Most importantly though our wallets have been created to help make mothers lives’ just a little less complicated and hopefully they will put a smile on their face every now and again.